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Test Evolution offers a broad spectrum of software and hardware products to cover the entire device continuum.  And they are designed to work together to provide leverage across the entire product development workflow, providing benefits to design engineers, software developers, product engineers and test engineers

Virtual Prototyping Solutions

Virtual prototyping, using vpTIP, results in faster time-to-market through earlier and faster software development and improved communication throughout the development chain. Software engineers are able to start development months before the hardware design is complete, enabling full system bring-up to occur within days of silicon availability.

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Emulation and Prototyping Solutions

During pre-silicon verification, hardware-based emulation eTIP technology enables a significant speedup over software-based simulation. Emulation enables long IC subsystem test cases or full-chip SoC OS boot tests, for example, to be run prior to chip tape-out. Emulators also allow cycle-by-cycle visibility of chip internal logic during these accelerated simulations.

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PSV_Diagram2Post Silicon Validation Solutions

Leveraging the tools and methodology of pre-silicon verification into post-silicon validation is a key enabler to higher productivity. Test IP-based PSV is a paradigm shift from the way post-silicon validation is currently done. TIP not only gives you at-speed characterization of early silicon, but the test list itself is leveraged directly from the work done in the pre-silicon phases.  More validation sooner, with less work.

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AX518 Test System Installed in Production

Semiconductor Test Solutions

The same TIP-based testing can be carried forward into silicon characterization and production test.  Our standards-based testers include modular AXIe instrumentation to add structural testing as well as parametric testing to the mix.  And our tester operating system software makes it simple to expand from single-site to multi-site testing to maximize throughput.

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