Intelligent Instruments for Rapid Validation

TEV Intelligent Instruments take protocol testing to the next level, adding features that allow complex functional testing, randomized (write once, run many) test cases, and functional coverage.  Coupled with a robust programming environment that supports these features, and detailed debugging information, TEV Intelligent Instruments allow quick bring up and regressions for a quality customer product.



MIPI DSI 2.0 w/C-PHY –  Read More

  • Compliant with MIPI Display Serial Interface
  • Supports Command and Video Mode
  • C-PHY v1,0 support for 2.5 Gsps data rates
  • Scalable 1 to 4 lanes
  • Supports detailed protocol testing including full use case scenarios.
  • Support detailed low-level C-PHY debug, including wire states, symbols, and PHY data.
  • Self-checking, seed–based test case generation.
  • Complex event-based transaction capture for detailed self-checking and debug.
  • Scoreboard received data and errors for off-line debug and statistical analysis.
  • Advanced test creation environment with portability to pre-silicon and repeatable test cases, using DSI-2 test suite.





IPI204 Intelligent Peripherals

Intelligent Peripherals – Read More

  • Automate Plugfests without manual connection or configuration
  • Accelerate the migration to Use Case Testing
  • Multiple peripheral integration shortens time to System Level Test
  • Enable early start at FPGA Prototyping (Synopsys HAPS)
  • Protocol Aware Testing integrated to Semiconductor ATE
  • Score boarding and Data Analysis
  • Unified Software Environment with common APIs between different protocols
  • Improve Quality by finding bugs synthetic and manual testing will not!







 Intelligent instrument datasheets are available here.

All Test Evolution AXIe chassis and instruments comply with the AXIe 3.1 standard.AXIe-89x36