Intelligent Peripherals


Intelligent Peripherals replace Real Peripherals for Use Case Testing

  • Automate Plugfests without manual connection or configuration
  • Accelerate the migration to Use Case Testing
  • Multiple peripheral integration shortens time to System Level Test
  • Enable early start at FPGA Prototyping (Synopsys HAPS)
  • Protocol Aware Testing integrated to Semiconductor ATE
  • Score boarding and Data Analysis
  • Unified Software Environment with common APIs between different protocols
  • Improve Quality by finding bugs synthetic and manual testing will not!


Intelligent Peripherals MarketsPSS_System

  • Post Silicon Validation
    • Operating System Validation
    • Peripheral Testing
    • Validation Automation
  • Device Driver Debug
    • Software Driver bring up
    • IP Validation prior to tape out
  • System Level Test
  • Pre-Silicon HAPS/FPGA Prototyping


IPI_204IPI204 Intelligent Peripherals Instruments

  • USB – Flash Drive, Web Camera, Audio
  • HDMI – Monitor, Television
  • CSI – Cameras
  • DSI – Mobile Displays
  • Power Supply – Integrated Power Monitor