MIPI DSI-2.0 C/D-PHY Intelligent Generator




  • Compliant with MIPI Display Serial Interface Version 2.0 (DSI-2.0)
  • All packet types and data formats
  • 2.5 Gbps D-PHY and 2.5Gsps C-PHY data transfer rate per data lane
  • Scalable 1 to 4 data lane configuration
  • Supports detailed protocol testing including full use case scenarios
  • Self-checking, seed–based random test cases
  • Complex transaction capture for detailed coverage and debug
  • Scoreboard generator data and errors for off-line debug and statistical analysis
  • Advanced test creation environment with portability to pre-silicon and repeatable test cases, using CSI-2 test suite.
  • Multi-link testing with InstrumentSync featuresCSITool


DSI-2 Protocol Capabilities

  • Compliant with MIPI Display Serial Interface v2.0 (DSI-2)
  • Supports MIPI DSI Protocol Conformance Test Suite (v1.01)
  • Provides MIPI DSI-2 generator capabilities
  • Supports up to 2.5 Gsps transfer rate per C-PHY Lane  and 2.5 Gbps per D-PHY Lane in HS mode
  • Supports all defined data formats
  • Supports LPDT operation from 1-10MHz.
  • Lane deskew
  • Scalable 1 to 4 Data Lane configuration
  • Virtual channel support
  • Operates in continuous and non-continuous clock modes
  • Supports all packet types
  • Supports command mode
  • Support DSC
  • Video Mode for fast multi-frame source from memory

Regressions, Debugging, and CoverageDataLogger

The DSI-2 C/D-PHY IG has a robust generation capability, allowing generic packet sequencing and looping, and video frame sequencing and looping.  High speed and low power modes are supported for generic packet mode, which includes command mode data types, and capture of read responses in event capture memory.  Video mode allows for complex frame sizing and timing specifications.  There is optional DSC support.

The DSI-2 C/D-PHY IG comes with a CTS conformance test suite that can be the basis of a complete DSI-2 regression suite. The DSI-2 C/D-PHY IG has a powerful programming API that accesses all of the instrument capabilities, and provides for thorough generation and self-checking using events and statistics.  A robust GUI is also available, including a data-logger for regressions.

In addition, the same event infrastructure can be used to build a functional coverage model. This model can be imported into a UCDB – Unified Coverage Data Base – that may be shared with pre-silicon, or into a separate post-silicon database.


DSI-2 C/D-PHY Intelligent Analyzer datasheet is available here.