CIF – System Module


The CIF is an AXIe 3.1 compliant instrument board that provides the complete system interface and test system infrastructure, including advanced test feature support.

AXIe System Module Features

  • Cable PCI Express interface to Test Computer
  • Switched PCI Express Data Fabric between CIF card and all other slots
  • Supports 16 slot AXIe 3.1 chassis
  • Flipper side relay connection to Digital Multimeter (DMM)
  • DMM and DUT site relay connection to AXIe calibration and analog buses
  • Loadboard user power supplies
  • 32 general purpose Control Bit drivers (CBits) for loadboard relay control
  • General purpose I2C interface to DUT site
  • IPMI Shelf Management and active Fan Control

Instrument Triggering Features

  • 8 general purpose Bi-Directional PFI front panel triggers with programmable thresholds
  • 4 star distributed internal differential triggers per slot
  • Full non blocking connections between PFI Triggers and star triggers, allowing flexible triggering

Clocking Features

  • 10MHz on-board VCXO reference clock
  • 100MHz clock generation from reference
  • 10MHz and 100MHz references bussed to all slots
  • External clock reference for system-coherent clock

Optional Digital Synchronization Module

  • A single coherent system clock source
  • Fail synchronization
  • DSTAR and PFI Trigger synchronization
  • Synchronization for pattern starting, test computer communication, PMU measurements, etc.

Software / Programming

  • Full API access to all functionality
  • Debug tools

Test system and instrument datasheets are available here.

All Test Evolution AXIe chassis and instruments comply with the AXIe 3.1 standard. AXIe_logo