DD192 – Low Cost Digital Subsystem




The DD192 is a self-contained, single slot AXIe 3.1, 192 channel mixed-signal digital subsystem. Each DD192 has an independent sequencer controller with pattern generators, and an independent per-channel timing system. Integrated timing generators connect directly to the instrument’s pin electronics. Each board can operate independently or synchronously with other DD192 boards.

Pattern Generator Features

  • 64M unrestricted (128M in HighSpeed mode) vector memory
  • 6 independent 32-bit wide source engines with 4K digital source memory per channel
  • 6 independent 32-bit wide capture engines with 16K digital capture memory per channel
  • Match mode – parallel and serial.
  • Flexible micro-instructions supporting nested loops and subroutines
  • Flexible mixed signal triggering

Timing & Formatting Features

  • 100/200 MVpS data rates
  • 32 per-pin flexible edge sets, 715pS resolution
  • 32 period sets (10ns to 500mS periods)
  • 127 global timing sets on-the-fly
  • Window and strobe compare formats
  • Flexible drive formats supporting mixed-signal applications
  • 4 flexible edges per pin for unique formats & applications

Driver, Comparator & Load Features

  • 1 Gbps programmable drivers and comparators
  • 3-level driver – Vih, Vil, Vtt
  • -1.5v to +6.0v Range
  • Active load up to 12mA source and sink

Per Pin PMU Features

  • Force Voltage, Measure Current
  • Force Current, Measure Voltage
  • Voltage clamps
  • 5 current ranges (2uA to 20mA)
  • -1.5v to +6.0v Range
  • Hardware measurement averaging

Software / Programming

  • Pattern compiler
  • Full API access to board functionality and debug capability
  • Debug tools including:
    • Pattern Debugger

Test system and instrument datasheets are available here.

All Test Evolution AXIe chassis and instruments comply with the AXIe 3.1 standard. AXIe_logo