DPS12 – Device Power Supply


The DPS12 is an AXIe 3.1 compliant DC instrument board that provides 12 channels of flexible device power supply and measurement capability.  Each board is organized as two banks of six channels where each bank can be programmed to one of three ranges:


0v to +22v

0v to 6.0v


-12.0V to +12.0V

-6.0V to +6.0V


-20.0V to 0V

-6.0V to 0V

Per-channel capability:

  • 3 Operation Modes:

– Force Voltage and Measure Current (FVMI)
– Force Voltage and Measure Voltage (FVMV)
– Force Nothing and Measure Voltage(FNMV)

  • 4-pin Kelvin connection, including active guard
  • Programmable voltage ramp
  • Programmable current clamps
  • Window comparator for fast, go/no-go testing of voltage or current
  • Programmable load compensation to maximize supply stability
  • Alarms: Kelvin high, kelvin low, guard short, current clamps, temperature
  • 6 Current ranges:  25 uA, 250 uA, 2.5 mA, 25 mA, 500 mA, 1.2 A
  • Adjacent channel ganging is supported on the upper 3 current ranges allowing up to 2.4A per channel pair.
  • Window comparator
  • Parametric Measurement Unit (PMU) digitization of voltage or current measurements is supported utilizing a 32 M sample shared memory at data rates up to 200 Ksps.
  • PMU digitization can be triggered or clocked from any one of four AXIe 3.1 compliant DSTAR trigger sources.
  • Waveform pattern capability for any combination of channels utilizing 32 M memory for programmable voltages and dwell times. Triggerable via DSTAR trigger sources.

Software / Programming

  • Full API access to all functionality
  • Debug tools



  • Characterization and validation
  • Multi-site automated production test

Test system and instrument datasheets are available here.

All Test Evolution AXIe chassis and instruments comply with the AXIe 3.1 standard. AXIe_logo