Custom Integration

Tester With Manipulator and Prober

Tester With Manipulator and Prober

All EV-Series test systems are built with expansion and customization in mind.  This starts with an extruded aluminum frame which can be customized for 19″ rack mounting. The internal mechanics were designed to make it easy to add new cabling, including the ability to cleanly route these new signals to the standard EV-series testhead connectors.

Standard loadboard mechanics then provide a reliable connector mating scheme that is simple enough for use in the characterization lab but robust enough to support volume testing on a production floor.

This overall system approach supports a wide variety of signals from DC to high-speed digital (via high-density AXIe connectors) and RF (via blind-mate SMA connectors).

The end result is a fully integrated test system that is customized to meet specific testing requirements.



EV500 AXIe Chassis Connector/Cabling Options

The EV500 AXIe chassis is a key building block for all the EV-series test systems.

Each AXIe chassis has an I/O panel and extender card that supports both standard and customized connector options for routing external instrumentation and control signals into and out of the overall system.  Signals can be routed from the I/O panel to the AXI extender card which, in turn, routes the signals to VHDM loadboard connectors.  External signals can also be routed to the blind-mate SMA connector.  In addition, there are three 1″ cable ports (on the top and bottom of the chassis) that can be used to route new external cabling to the extender card and SMA blind-mate connectors.

EV-Series Test System Customization

The EV5 and EV10 systems include 19″ rack space that can be used to mount additional instrumentation within the test system mainframe itself.  The most common approach is to mount one or more industry standard chassis including:

  • PXI / PXIe
  • AXIe
  • PCIe

These chassis, in turn, then support the addition of a wide range of instrumentation and computing capability:

  • AC sources and digitizers
  • High-precision clocks
  • Time measurement
  • RF source and measure
  • Custom/proprietary instrumentation

 EV5 Test System Configuration Options

 EV10 Test System Configuration Options

System Configuration and Customization Services

Our customizing services can help you add customized instrumentation or create a customized test system.