EV100 Instruments

The EV100 series of instruments package high density DC and digital test ATE modules in a convenient 1U module. The instruments follow the AXIe standard providing a single slot cabled solution for Test Evolution AXIe instruments.

An EV100 instrument can be used standalone or as a 1U rack mountable instrument upgrade for existing test systems. The Rear Transition Module (RTM) has high-density direct connection to the AXIe instrument cards and provides a cable interface to the DUT site. Digital instruments utilize a high density coax cable interface while the device power supply instruments utilize a twisted pair cable to the DUT site.


The EV100 test system can be used for device characterization as well as production testing.

  • Fully integrated, self-contained bench-top or 19” rack mountable instrument based on industry standard AXIe
  • Instrument can be used for device characterization as well as production testing
  • 1 AXIe instrument slot supporting Test Evolutions digital and device power supply AXIe instruments
    • EV100-DD192 192 Channels of 200Mbps/100MHz Sequencer ATE class digital
    • EV100-DPS48   48 Channels of 7.5V/1.2A Power Supplies with 6 current range
  • Cable interface from rear of instrument via a Rear Transition Module (RTM).
  • PCIe interface to customer PC via Windows DLL library.
  • PCIe interface can be daisy chained from 1 EV100 Instrument to the next
  • Instrument Debug tools for each instrument
  • Pattern Debug Tool for EV100-DD192 instrument
  • Optional Windows® PC-based controller with test environment software
  • Applications development with EV100 Instruments can be ported to more integrated EV500 Series Systems


EV100 ATE Test Setup

EV100 ATE Test Setup

  • Windows PC-based controller with test environment software:

– Microsoft Visual Studio
– National Instruments TestStand
– Test Evolution Executive

System Software

  • MVP (Multi-site Virtual Pin) instrument programming

    EV100-DD192 Bench Setup

    Typical Bench Setup

  • Standardized instrument APIs in C
  • National Instruments TestStand for test sequencing and flow control
  • Program development and debug via Microsoft Visual Studio
  • OpenExec production interface for datalog, binning and handler/prober control

Instrument Software Tools

  • Instrument Debug Display
  • Pinmap Editor
  • Pattern Debugger
  • Pattern Waveform Viewer
  • Margin Tool
  • Shmoo Tool

Test system and instrument datasheets are available here.

All Test Evolution AXIe chassis and instruments comply with the AXIe 3.1 standard. AXIe-89x36