EV1018 Test System

EV1018 Test System

EV1018 Test System (shown with optional PXI instrumentation)

The EV1018 test system leverages AXIe and PXI/PXIe standards to provide high-end semiconductor ATE performance in a compact, low-cost, industry standards based form factor.  With support for a wide range of digital, analog and RF instrumentation, the EV1018 is perfectly suited for post-silicon validation and characterization as well as multi-site production test of consumer digital and wireless devices.  Low latency, high speed PCI/PCIe infrastructure, combined with industry leading settling times, give the EV1018 exceptionally fast test times and high parallel test efficiency.

The EV1018 test system was designed with an easily interchangeable device loadboard using high density direct AXIe and mixed-signal connections and blind mate RF connections.  Manipulator mounts and docking plate compatibility coupled with a full suite of production software tools facilitate smooth deployment into high volume production.  The AXIe/PXI foundation of the EV1018 provides a unique combination of high end ATE performance with the economics and investment protection that come with widely deployed industry standards based instruments.

  • Fully integrated, self-contained test system based on industry standard AXIe and PXI
  • System can be used for device characterization as well as production testing.
  • 10 AXIe slots support Test Evolution digital and device power supply instruments
  • Customizable 19″ rack space supports additional instruments or a PXI chassis, providing access to a wide range of 3rd-party PXI instrument cards
  • Flexible bidirectional triggering between PXI, AXIe and external instruments for control and synchronization.
  • Easily interchangeable device load boards access all AXIe instrument signals, PXI instrument channels and blind mate connections
  • Configurable with:

– up to 384 channels of 400 Mbit digital

– up to 96 channels of 20 V/1.2 A power supplies

– 3rd party AXIe and PXI instruments

  • Windows® PC-based controller with test environment software:

– Microsoft® Visual Studio®

– National Instruments TestStand™

– Test Evolution Executive

System Software

  • MVP (Multi-site Virtual Pin) instrument programming
  • Standardized instrument APIs in C
  • National Instruments TestStand™ for test sequencing and flow control
  • Program development and debug via Microsoft© Visual Studio©
  • OpenExec production interface for datalog, binning and handler/prober control

Instrument Software Tools

  • Instrument Debug Display
  • Pinmap Editor
  • Pattern Debugger
  • Pattern Waveform Viewer
  • Margin Tool
  • Shmoo Tool

Calibration and Checkers

  • Configurable checker loadboard
  • Multi-level diagnostics: i/o connect / functionality / calibration / verification
  • Software notification and lock-out to ensure instrument calibration
  • System DMM for instrument DC calibration

System Hardware

Cage Interfaces

  • Loadboard power +5 VDC, ±15 VDC
  • 64 control bits
  • Trigger subsystem
  • I2C bus for expansion

Interchangeable Loadboards

  • Multiple loadboard options
    • 1 EV500/EV518 compatible loadboard – 7.125 x 15.375 in
    • 2 separate EV500/EV518 compatible loadboards
    • Large format loadboard 15.5 x 18 in. (394 x 451 mm) (H x W)
  • VHDM connectors for AXIe signals and custom instrumentation
  • Blind mate connectors for RF signals
  • Manual threaded pull-down mechanism

Production interfaces

  • Mounts for 3rd-party manipulators
  • Attach points for 3rd-party docking plates

Test system and instrument datasheets are available here.

All Test Evolution AXIe chassis and instruments comply with the AXIe 3.1 standard.