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Verification remains the most significant bottleneck in getting advanced SoCs to market. Traditional verification methods stop at pre-silicon and are not portable across platforms.  These methods do not scale with today’s chip complexity. The development of a unified verification plan through post-silicon, protocol expertise, and efficient use of Test IP are keys to minimizing functional bugs and maximizing quality through real silicon and into production.

Test Evolution offers design consulting services for companies implementing and verifying advanced system-on-chip (SoC) and ASIC designs. Our experienced design consultants have a thorough understanding of the challenges validating leading-edge designs.

As an integral part of Test Evolution, we are knowledgeable of the most advanced verification tools, methodologies and flows in the industry, from pre-silicon to post-silicon and ultimately production test. Our goal is to deliver the highest levels of business value and customer satisfaction. Let Test Evolution’s services team help you unleash the benefits of the next generation of silicon test and portable stimulus on your next design project.

Virtual Prototyping

Combine the benefits of software-driven verification and use-case testing with portable stimulus to “shift-left” your overall development schedule.

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Emulation & FPGA Prototyping

Jump-start your post-silicon validation or debug problems in real silicon.  Check your software drivers and use-cases on real hardware before seamlessly running them in real silicon.

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Post Silicon Validation

Leverage your pre-silicon verification content, and extend run-times and self-checking tests to hours and days, to improve quality and time to revenue.

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AX-Series Semiconductor Test

Extend the benefits of Test IP-based validation where “production is free!”  Bring the benefits of low-cost, open standard test to your lab bench and production floor.

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