Emulation and Prototyping

Emulation and FPGA Prototyping are workhorses for IC development, as simulation speeds are insufficient to handle all the verification content of today’s complex SoC’s.  Emulation and FPGA Prototyping are used for software driver testing of SoC subsystems, integration testing of the full SoC, and even protocol testing.  However, they fall short in their ability to do use-case testing and software-driver verification.  With Test Evolution’s eTIP, TIP, and PSVM™, emulation and FPGA prototyping can take on a whole new dimension by allowing full test portability across pre-silicon and post-silicon platforms!

Test Evolution experts can help:

  • Develop portable stimulus methodology between emulation and FPGA prototyping tools and post silicon platforms
  • Create test content and methodology
  • Show how to debug silicon problems on emulation seamlessly
  • Customize TIP and eTIP for FPGA prototyping tools
  • Customize TIP and eTIP for specific user test requirements

To learn more about our emulation and prototyping customization services or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

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