Post Silicon Validation

Post silicon validation has been done practically the same way for 20+ years.  Protocol boxes and ad-hoc methods have been the norm.  Although SoCs do make it out the door and into products, the old way of validating SoC’s in post silicon leaves much to be desired.  With Test Evolution’s Test IP and PSVM™, and our Test IP Post Silicon Validation systems, leveraging content from pre-silicon and providing a debug path back to pre-silicon platforms provides a “shift left” for post-silicon development!

Test Evolution experts can help:

  • Develop portable stimulus methodology between pre-silicon and post silicon platforms
  • Create test content and methodology
  • Show how to debug silicon problems on emulation seamlessly
  • Customize TIP
  • Extend powerful pre-silicon methodologies into post-silicon

To learn more about our post-silicon validation customization services or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

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