Turning your PXI system into real ATE



EV Series Semiconductor Test Systems

Based on mature, proven industry standard PXI and AXIe instruments & subsystems.

  • AXIe & PXI modular instrument standards now provide “big iron ATE” performance at a lower price point
  • AXIe & PXI instrumentation suppliers now cover the full range of DC, AC, Digital, and RF requirements
  • The standards based ecosystem provides optimal price performance and long term investment protection as needs evolve



AXIe – What and Why

What is it?

EV500 Test System

EV500 Test System

  • An open system modular instrumentation standard based on AdvancedTCA, that delivers high performance instrumentation for aerospace defense, high energy physics, semiconductor test and other industries.

What advantages does it bring?

  •  “Big brother to PXI”  Same PCIe fabric and programming, but with:
  • Horizontal configurations for minimal rack space, vertical for large systems.
  • Larger boards for highest rack and power densities per rack inch.
  • High speed trigger, timing, and local bus.
  • Semiconductor test extensions
  • ATCA compatibility
  • Optional LAN fabric
  • Integrates easily with PXI, LXI, IVI
EV518 Test System

EV518 Test System



EV Series Semiconductor Test Platforms

  • Based on mature, widely deployed Microsoft, NI and PXI/AXIe software tools
  • Augmented with semiconductor test production interfaces
  • Built in test head with easily interchangeable device load boards
  • Up to 1536 channels of digital
  • Up to 384 channels of DUT power supplies
  • Integrated bidirectional triggering between instruments and external signals
  • Customizable cabling and signal routing for external instruments
  • Customizable 19″ rack space




EV1000 Expansion Space





EV Series Custom Integration

  • All EV-Series test systems are built with expansion and customization in mind.
  • Internal mechanics were designed to make it easy to add new cabling.
  • Route new signals to the standard EV-series test head connectors.
  • Supports a wide variety of signals from DC to high-speed digital (via high-density VHDM connectors)
  • Supports RF signals (via blind-mate SMA connectors)




 Test system and instrument datasheets are available here.

All Test Evolution AXIe chassis and instruments comply with the AXIe 3.1 standard.AXIe-89x36